Monday, June 22, 2009

Nephi is Commanded to Build a Ship

Song: Book of Mormon Stories
Prayer: Dylan

Scripture: Tyler 1 Nephi 17:7-8

Lesson: Kerri

Nephi is Commanded to Build a Ship
(This lesson is a modified version of the one found here on

We reviewed the story of how Nephi is commanded by the Lord to build a ship. We emphasized that Nephi did not have any prior knowlege of how to build a ship before he was given this commandment. Because of his faith in the Lord, he accepted the calling and followed the Lord's council. Laman and Lemuel mocked their brother. They were not faithful and could not understand how Nephi would be able to complete this huge task. They confronted Nephi, so he put out his hands and shocked his brothers. They repented and then helped Nephi build the ship.

Print and prepare the Ship Activity Sheets found in the Activity Section Here - I would recommend printing this in color. It is also a lot more intricate than previously thought. We ended up having Arthur put the ships together, while the boys colored the coloring sheets. As they colored, I reviewed the following questions with them:

1. What was Nephi Commanded to build (A ship) - Fold A to inside
2. Who showed Nephi how to build the ship? (The Lord) - Fold B toward inside
3. What did Nephi need to make tools to build the ship? (Ore) - Fold C toward inside
4. Had Nephi ever built a ship before (No) - Fold D toward inside
5. Who mocked Nephi? (Laman & Lemuel) - Insert E into F. Fold flat and tape to hold
6. What happened to Laman & Lemuel when they mocked Nephi for building the ship? (Nephi streteched out his hand and the Lord shocked them) - Fold G toward inside
7. Did Laman and Lemuel repent and help Nephi build the ship? (Yes) - Fold H toward inside
8. Why did the Lord want Nephi to build a ship? (So they could cross the water to the Promised Land) - Insert I into J. Point on bow whould point away from boat. Tape to hold
9. Why did Nephi know he could build a ship? (He had trust in the Lord) - With printed sides facing out - tape sales together at mast

Closing Prayer: Arthur


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